Saturday, September 3, 2011


I wish I could say I am an uncomplicated person - I obviously am not. You know what my problem is? I am very good at hiding them, so good amount of people end up thinking my life is all roses and rainbows. Sometimes I think more I ignore myself, more I'll remain at peace and sometimes I feel like a coward running away from my own thoughts. I've been told my laughter is irritatingly child-like but contagious - but it seems to me only others think it genuine, I myself always feel like I am faking it.

One of  my friend thinks that I overthink, about every little detail - even things that most people don't even pay attention to. Is it that or my head is just too impatient that it needs to obsess over every thing just to keep it occupied? I will never crib about the people I know (okay maybe about a few people I will) because I've been very fortunate with my friends and family, But always something is missing. (Mind you I really mean someTHING, not someONE). So many people I call and consider friends but I feel like a lonely soul on journey to different planet, where I don't belong.

Do I really feel like I belong anywhere? 

Saturday, April 30, 2011

random poem from my head..

there she is, smiling and looking happy,
something is not quite right,
for I know its killing her inside.

little girl inside her wants you to find her,
she is scared and alone,
hiding her tears and fears..

there isn't much shes asking for,
all she wants is a little bit of care,
a hand to hold on to..

shes afraid of being happy,
will you change that?
will you be that hand or just a passing phase?

a grenade of thoughts is ticking within,
its only a matter of time,
it will tear her apart..

help her..she'll never open up by herself,
nows the chance before its too late,
don't let the child within her die,
thats the only thing keeping her alive.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Nightmare

Fear is funny thing. Sometimes you don't really know what you are afraid of, sometimes its just the idea of "fear" that you are afraid of. Fear almost always relates to future events, such as worsening of a situation, or continuation of a situation that is unacceptable.At some point this fear reeks into your subconscious so deep that it becomes part of you, and it freaks you out because you don't know what its about nor you know why it all started.

I have one of these. Since probably over 8-9 years now. Its inside me, it don't know what triggers it or what causes it. I have nightmares, those recurring ones, which don't leave you alone. The kinds you think is gone but again makes a dramatic comeback. I have never been afraid of dark or heights but this "abstract" nightmare of mine combines both of them AND it freaks me out. There have been nights I've woken up so afraid that I am afraid to close my eyes again. 

Let me describe it. So it always starts with me looking over a deep well in a dark moonless-starless night. Then I fall. In a deep abyss which never seem to end. I can feel the walls with my hands on both sides of me but there seems to be no bottom to that dark well. I keep trying to clutch or reach for something to make it stop but I continue falling. In all these years, I don't recall ever seeing the end of this dream. Its always me falling to a bottomless end.

I have tried looking at many places trying to figure out what it stands for but I don't really relate to the answers that I get. Like one of them says something about how it means that 'you should be cautious or tense expected survival is possible or damage to your dignity.' That doesn't seem to make sense if you have same dream/nightmare for years together. 

Another one I got is - 'well symbolizes the cause or source. Since you don't hit bottom, look to see how you have been trying to figure out how something happened or how to cause something to take place but have not figured it out yet. You may not yet know that thought is cause and what happens in the physical existence is the manifestation of that thought.' This sounds promising but I don't know if I really do put so much thought behind anything, and then if this was the cause why would I be afraid of it?

This might need a group effort in order to figure it out. anyone any ideas? 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Reasons why I am still a kid

Another list..whooppiieee!

1.I love Disney! I really do. I still want to be a princess.
2.I prefer watching Nickelodeon and Disney channel over ABC and Fox.
3.I still need to be yelled upon so I maybe I'll study.
4.My weapon of choice to get my work done is puppy-dog face (surprisingly it works)
5.Giving me responsibilities is like giving monkey an Iphone, I have no idea wat to do with it.
6."Impulse Decisions"
7.I always have a current-I-can't-live-without obsession. Right now it is an Iphone game called Ijewels
8.I know more than 15 cartoon title tracks by heart.
9.My favorite movie of all times is Beauty and the Beast.
10.I sometimes shop tshirts from kid section. (They are just plain cute, don't judge me)
11.My way of countering any argument is the classic tongue-out or pinching spree.
12.I tuck myself into bed. Like a box.
13.I dont count calories. Ever.
14.I whine. A lot.
15.Sometimes I get such a sugar high, I wake up with a sugar hangover. Not kidding.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

little things that make me happy

Yes I am writing this on a Saturday night instead of getting wasted like a normal 22 year old, that is not because I don't have a life but because I refuse to follow the society; Fridays are my Saturdays. Anyways, back to topic. I am not even going to deny when you say I am a-bit childish, okay very childish, but I consider that as a part of my charm. (I might be a tad bit delusional too). As its evident from quite a few of my posts, I love making lists - so for your entertainment here goes another one!

  1. Two word things - Bubble Wrap - Ice Cream - Snow Fall - Teddy Bears - Frozen Yogurt - Free Food - Roller Costers - Mega Sale - Lame Jokes - yea you get the point.
  2. When someone calls me for food (it means I don't have to cook!)
  3. When Moni calls me to tell me, "you lucky B****, you went off and left me here, now patao parents for me"
  4. When someone complements unexpectedly making me turn pink in the cheeks
  5. Jokes that only I understand
  6. Mom calling me Betu
  7. Dad trying (hard) to crack a joke
  8. Bitching about people I don't like
  9. Waking at 2 in the afternoon and realizing I don't have classes so I can stop panicking.
  10. Finding money you didn’t even know you lost
  11. Eating cake first thing in the morning
  12. Good hair day
  13. Listening to romantic songs when it is raining
  14. Finding marshmallows in random food item
  15. Nutella on anything
  16. When one of my niece calls me their favorite aunt
  17. When someone defends me even when my argument is completely pointless and maybe even wrong.
  18. Looking through old pictures and laughing uncontrollably
  19. Taking one awesome picture after a series of crappy ones
  20. Moments in life when it is acceptable to laugh like an evil villain
  21. Radio playing the song that you were thinking of at exactly the same time
  22. Hugs whether I need it or not.
  23. Sense of accomplishment when I figure out something (I am usually painfully slow at figuring out)
  24. Someone trying really hard to convince me
  25. Singing on top of my lungs and dancing to it when no one is around (note: Nilay & Namita, I want to do wii dance it again, soon!)
I think I can write more, but I shall refrain from boring you guys!